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Here you can view BMM’s most frequently asked questions.

If you have an urgent inquiry please contact your local BMM office

What do I need to provide when I submit my product for testing?

At a minimum you would need to provide source code, product documentation and manuals, one to two working models as they would be deployed to a casino, and two copies of labeled program storage media. Your Account Manager will be able to help determine exact items and numbers required based on the jurisdictions that you are looking for testing in.

What standards will be used to evaluate my product?

Depending on the jurisdictions you would like your product tested for, our compliance team will review your product and determine all of the various regulatory and technical requirements needed for testing. This information can be provided by your Account Manager. If transferring from one jurisdiction to another, a GAP analysis can be provided prior to the transfer to determine compatibility and test time.

How long will it take my product to go through the testing process?

Every product and submission is different, when discussing your product with our Business Development team, include as much detail as possible. The more we understand every facet of your product the better we can estimate the total testing time. Our engineers strive to test as efficiently and effectively as possible.

How can I find out the status of my product during testing?

Your Account Manager will be able to provide a status report at an agreed upon frequency.

I recently received a BMM Letter, how do I get the BMM Signature Tool?

Call your local BMM office.

How do I sign up for BOAT, and what is BOAT?

BOAT stands for BMM Online Access Technology, and allows one to view the certification letters issued. Simply go to bmmboat.com and click on the link to request access. Our compliance team will follow up shortly to get you access.