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quality assurance

QA services

QA Outsourcing
BMM’s QA service enables companies to not only gain a competitive advantage but to reduce costs, maintain high quality standards and comply with best practices. Working directly with developers from design to handing the product over to the end users, BMM can provide complete or partial outsourcing of QA requirements.

QA Strategic Consulting
BMM will create a strategy for the QA program, including a portfolio assessment process that focuses on the Test Process framework. This is followed by strategy definition for the delivery model and QA optimization. The process is as follows:

  • Establish QA strategy, methodology and test plans
  • Assist with QA organization
  • Increase test coverage and create/implement test metrics
  • QA audit: current state analysis, gap analysis and future state road maps
  • QA Methodology and Assessments, Strategic Plans and Transformation Management
  • Automation Strategy, Framework and Coaching

QA Project Execution
BMM’s Test Execution services provide comprehensive test planning, test case creation, test coverage improvements and test execution, as follows:

  • QA Portfolio management
  • QA Project management
  • Test Planning, Test Design, Test Cases and Scripts
  • Automation frameworks and execution
  • QA testing from cradle to the field (black box, white box, grey box, pre-compliance)
  • Black box testing areas:
    • Exploratory + Functional testing
    • Acceptance testing
    • Installation testing
    • Compatibility testing
    • Pre-compliance testing (mobile, etc.)
    • Smoke and sanity testing
    • Regression testing
    • Integration testing
    • Performance testing
    • Load testing
    • Stress testing
    • Usability & interoperability testing
    • Security & penetration testing
    • Internationalization and localization
    • System and OS Testing
  • White Box – code-based testing
    • Integration or API testing
    • Dev Testing
    • Source-code Review
    • Automated testing, etc.
  • Grey box testing – mix of code-based & results-based such as:
    • Isolated testing environment to seed a DB
    • Reverse engineering to find boundaries – data type & exception handling
  • Mobile Application QA Services
    • IOS, Android, HTML5 mobile applications
    • Usability testing, functional applications testing, online testing
    • Verify the baseline functionality and features of the application against the reference build(s)
    • Validate executable code against design during later stages of the development lifecycle
    • Complete compatibility testing of the app against firmware and device configurations
    • Ensure that the application meets carrier certification standards where applicable
    • Check interoperability with standard mobile functions: interrupts, network + phone functionality
    • Test if the application meets formal design requirements as well as meets the needs of its users

For more information on Quality Assurance contact Robert Reyes, Senior Vice President, or telephone 702 407 2420.