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Training can be a challenge. At BMM Testlabs we take into consideration the special requirements for each individual or group to ensure the training fits your exact needs. BMM’s training is:

  • Effective
  • Engaging
  • Accessible
  • Flexible

Our growing list of courses cover subjects for both ‘Executive’ and ‘Operational’ roles. BMM has created more than 30 training modules to ensure success to each individual in the specific markets they are working in. In addition, all of our students have access to the instructors and course materials after they return to their day-to-day responsibilities, for additional support.

BMM training is different because we deliver the information in an approach that takes into consideration the way individuals learn best. We look at the professional experience of each student and ensure they have the one-on-one attention with the instructor when they need it the most.

What are your specific training needs? Our clients are world-wide and have different needs for different types of training. Technology has given us the ability to provide training from a distance seamlessly. BMM offers training via:

  • BMM Training Facility
  • Client site
  • Web-based remote access, particularly effective during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • On-demand

In 2013 BMM extensively renovated our training facilities to create a state-of-the-art Education and Training Center for the gaming and lottery markets. Some of the features include:

  • Large screen (70”+) HD TV’s
  • Digital Projectors and screen
  • Digital white boards with the ability to upload from remote connections and download to PDF, print or digital file
  • Video Conferencing and file sharing
  • iPad and iPhone compatibility for video conferencing and presentations
  • High definition digital video camera

We invite you to visit us at our global headquarters in Las Vegas, NV to check out our training area.

BMM can customize our existing training curriculum to suit your needs or we can develop a new training program or course specifically for your organization. Please contact us to talk about how we can provide your organization with personalized training options. Connect with your local BMM office for more information.

BMM’s ‘Finding Your Path’ – iGaming Tribal Workshops:
Our iGaming workshops are designed for Tribal regulators and operators. Over two days experts from the field of iGaming  provide an interactive and specialized training session to individuals and groups seeking further knowledge in this sector.

The presentations cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • Legal and licensing requirements in iGaming
  • A survey of regulatory structures
  • Marketing
  • Multiple sessions focusing on the operations of internet based gaming

Connect with your local BMM office for more information.