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Posted on Sep 1, 2015

BMM is the longest established and most experienced private independent gaming test lab in the world and is internationally recognized, accredited and certified. Originating in Australia and now headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, (USA), BMM has been providing professional technical and regulatory compliance services to the gaming industry since 1981.

BMM now employs some 300 people in 13 global locations, serving over 400 jurisdictions. BMM’s global presence and local approach, coupled with qualified staff and industry expertise, are the reasons why BMM continues to be one of the world’s leading gaming test labs.

BMM is a specialist software testing business in the areas of gaming certification and pre-compliance. BMM tests products from QA to regulatory approval, including slot platforms and games (class II and III); casino accounting and management systems; progressive systems for slots and table games; and table game math and game rules. In traditional lottery BMM performs UAT testing and also new game and RNG evaluations for nearly 30 US lotteries. In the internet gaming space, even though this is still being established in the US, globally BMM performs platform testing, slot and casino game testing and also integration testing of remote gaming servers into approved platforms.

BMM grew its businesses globally enjoying a record year in 2014. Martin Storm, President & CEO commented, “Growth is being driven by global customers who want better returns on their testing investments. They need their products tested better and faster than ever before without an overall reduction in testing quality. This is new value that BMM generates in the market on a continuous improvement basis.”

BMM achieved some significant operational milestones in 2014 and early 2015, expanding its lab capacity globally to enable BMM to more than triple its revenues worldwide – with specific extensions in Moncton, Canada; Las Vegas, Nevada; Vienna, Austria; and Bologna, Italy. With more lab infrastructure came more technical resources and leadership and BMM increased staff significantly across these labs.

In the US BMM added Delaware, Kansas, Indiana and Massachusetts to nearly 300 other US gaming jurisdictions now recognizing BMM reports. Martin Storm commented, “We are very pleased to see US regulators come together to embrace the importance of competition between test labs and the benefits of a multi-lab environment.”

BMM also has exclusive software tools with recent major version releases of Toolbox, BOAT and Signatures software for our customers. Toolbox, BMM’s internal project management tool set, has been upgraded to not only provide greater detail on BMM performance, but to provide product quality as well. This greater detail can assist clients to identify problem areas, resulting in improved compliance and a reduction in resubmissions. BOAT, BMM’s online approval portal, has been improved to now allow greater control over product approval status to the regulator. BMM Signatures continues to be improved, to increase calculation times and provide users with a simple and easy interface.

BMM provides regulatory training around the world through the BMM Academy. Over the last twelve months BMM has delivered presentations and seminars, both in person and online, to audiences in South America, North America and Europe. BMM also partners with a number of educational institutes to provide curriculum for gaming, QA and testing based courses, including CCNB and the McKenzie College in New Brunswick, Canada and also the Macau Polytechnic, Macau.

Storm concludes, “As BMM grows and innovates, we are testing products better and faster, whileimproving product quality by reducing revocations – this provides exceptional value for all our clients across the world.”