BMM is formally accredited by Autoridad de Fiscalización y Control Social del Juego in Bolivia | bmm testlabs | bmm testlabs

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BMM International (BMM) the world’s leading gaming testing laboratory and technical consultancy, is pleased to announce that it has been formally accredited by Autoridad de Fiscalización y Control Social del Juego in Bolivia. As the Autoridad del Juego (AJ) prepares to begin licensing operators, manufacturers and homologating gaming equipment again, this accreditation ensures that BMM will be at the forefront of the re-emerging Bolivian market.

Fernando Cuellar, Senior Manager for Client Services, BMM Peru said, “This has been a very interesting process for all of South America to watch, as the AJ approach to introducing formal regulatory structure was unique. Historically Bolivia was a bustling market, albeit less regulated. Now AJ are introducing full licensing requirements in regard to their unique standards, all these moves are very positive steps towards developing a well regulated and stable market.”

Mike Dreitzer, COO of BMM said, “As a global service provider it’s imperative for our clients that BMM is recognized or licensed by every jurisdiction in the world. We are very grateful to Mario Cazon, Director Ejecutivo of AJ for his assistance throughout this process.” Dreitzer continued, “Although the licensing process in each jurisdiction is somewhat unique, with the clear direction that BMM was provided we were able to successfully meet the requirements of another jurisdiction, once again. I am proud to say that BMM’s office in Peru is doing incredibly well and assisting the regional regulatory community. We look forward to adding Autoridad del Juego to our client rosters.”