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BMM Testlabs is pleased to announce it has collaborated with Gaming Informatics to develop and implement the GD-API – the first open standard to enable electronic exchange of gaming-related certification information between any two organizations.

The use of an open standard will ensure ultimate flexibility for regulators, operators and manufacturers. All parties will be able to utilize their own systems or 3rd party systems to aggregate data from all testing laboratories. Thus creating the ability to use one database to manage certifications.

Travis Foley, BMM Americas EVP Operations commented “BMM is the first major organization to roll out a web service using the GD-API, making our certification data downloadable by any 
client software that also implements the GD-API.”

Grant Stousland, President of Gaming Informatics stated “Gaming Informatics is excited to announce the addition of BMM data to its IRIS (ERP) platform and its newly released ECT (asset tracking) app. The GD-API defines a standard way of organizing, requesting, and providing gaming data. By creating this standard and making it freely available, Gaming Informatics has moved the industry forward. The GD-API reduces the cost and increases the efficiency of exchanging critical gaming information.”

Foley concluded “BMM applauds the Gaming Informatics implementation of the GD-API and more importantly their desire to make the API open and available to all.”

For more information on Gaming Informatics please contact Grant Stousland 608-204-9581


Pictured; Travis Foley , EVP Operations – Americas BMM Testlabs – Grant Stousland, President – Gaming Informatics LLC