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BMM Testlabs announced today that it has received approval and final accreditation from COLJUEGOS.

Travis Foley, EVP Operations – BMM Americas, commented, “We are very pleased to confirm that BMM is now accredited in Columbia through the recent approval from COLJUEGOS. BMM will continue to support the regulators in the South American market and we are looking forward to expanding our services into Columbia.”

BMM will be attending the upcoming FADJA show in Columbia on April 23 and 24th, to meet with COLJUEGOS and other regulators and manufacturers in the region.

Drew Pawlak, SVP Business Development commented,”BMM will work closely with COLJUEGOS during the introduction of a formal homologation into the newly regulated gaming market in Columbia. Through this collaboration of the two organizations we will be discussing how the homologation process will unfold for the future of gaming, for all regulators wanting to introduce this into their markets.”

Foley added “We are pleased COLJUEGOS has chosen BMM and we would like to thank Adriana Arcila – Vice President of Organizational Development & ICT Manager at COLJUEGOS for her diligence and attention during BMM’s approval process.