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BMM Testlabs, the world’s best gaming testing laboratory and product certification consultancy, is pleased to announce its continued partnership with the National Tribal Gaming Commissioners & Regulators organization (NTGCR) to offer a bi-weekly series of webinars focused on ongoing Tribal gaming training and education. 
“We’d like to thank BMM Testlabs for continuing our partnership and helping us re-imagine the way we reach our membership base.  Maximizing our educational outreach during these trying times is critical for the continued growth of Tribal gaming enterprises,” said Jamie Hummingbird, NTGCR Chairman. “The bi-weekly series of webinars is designed specifically for Tribal gaming and will feature experienced Tribal regulators and gaming professionals who will share valuable insights towards compliance with CHRI (Criminal History Record Information). We will kick-off the series with a complimentary roundtable session on February 3rd at 11 am CST that will provide more detailed information on what’s to come.”
Registration for the informational roundtable began on Monday, January 25th, 2021, and will be open to all Tribal gaming regulators. The series will allow NTGCR and BMM to work hand in hand to bring the Tribal gaming industry together to address critical issues in the era of Covid-19. 
“Partnering with NTGCR is a tremendous opportunity for BMM to assist with furthering the advancement of Tribal gaming and education,” said Michael Price, Senior Director of Tribal Services. “While all sectors of the gaming industry are challenged due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we know that Tribes want to continue doing everything they can to develop and evolve as they overcome the situation. BMM will continue to leverage its dynamic webinar platform by helping organizations like NTGCR enhance their virtual training initiatives.” 
For more information on registering, please visit or contact us by email at