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BMM Testlabs is pleased to report that BMM has moved to a new office location to house its expanding team in its new European headquarters in Barcelona.

Gene Chayevsky
Gene Chayevsky – EVP, Europe and South America

EVP, Europe and South America Gene Chayevsky stated, “BMM is completely committed to job creation and continuing to expand our operations in Barcelona. We have more than doubled our workforce since we first opened our offices and we are recruiting on an ongoing basis. The new BMM Spain office is located in the Vallsolana Business Park, on the outskirts of Barcelona. It provides a large area to accommodate our growing staff and plenty of test lab space.”

Chayevsky continued, “The business park has various free facilities for employees, including a large auditorium, gym, cafeteria, paddle ball courts and a game room. The new office is definitely a place for staff to learn and develop their careers in the gaming industry. Our much larger space has allowed us to scale up to handle the significant quantity of new business and allows us to accommodate future growth in our European business.”

Martin Storm
Martin Storm – President and CEO

President and CEO Martin Storm concluded, “With more growth on the horizon, BMM will continue to build on our substantial business in Europe. We look forward to employing more local staff in the Barcelona region and to keep contributing to the growth of the local economy. The future is bright for BMM’s European business.”