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BMM Testlabs is pleased to announce that it presented a donation to the Intertribal Education Foundation at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow on April 21, 2022.

Holly Billy, Tribal Services Manager, commented, “This donation was part of our Next Generation initiative, where our goal is to make a difference in tomorrow’s Tribal communities today. We do this by providing access to financial and educational resources to ensure the success of Tribal youth. BMM’s Next Generation initiative has been active for six years, and we look forward to more Tribal community service opportunities.”

Frances Alvarez, Tribal Services Manager, continued, “The values and mission of the Intertribal Education Foundation match the goals of our Next Generation Initiative, and we are grateful for the opportunity to support their efforts. We were honored to present the check to the Intertribal Education Foundation in the Tribal Chairman’s Lounge at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow, joined by Chairman Ernie Stevens, Jr.”

Nicole Bremer Nash, Executive Director of the Intertribal Education Foundation, expressed, “Intertribal Education Foundation is thrilled that BMM Testlabs is supporting our goals of elevating Indigenous students. BMM’s generous support and donation will provide funding that enables us to continue developing educational programs. We believe that the creative expression, open-mindedness, and cultural traditions of our students give them the ability to succeed in today’s world. Programming like our American Indian Cyber Warrior™ workforce development and BMM Testlabs’ Next Generation Initiative are crucial to securing the futures of our Indigenous youth.”

The Intertribal Education Foundation’s mission is to close the education and economic gaps for Indigenous people and communities to build sustainable economic and educational equity now and for future generations. Their programs focus on technology, the arts, and athletics. The Intertribal Education Foundation helps students feel connected to their communities, themselves, and their futures by honoring Indigenous knowledge, heritage, and traditions.

For more information about the Intertribal Education Foundation, please visit

Photo caption: Nicole Bremer Nash, Executive Director (IEF); Travis Foley, CTO/EVP (BMM); Frances Alvarez, Tribal Services Manager (BMM); Holly Billy, Tribal Services Manager (BMM); Christian Stienstra, Program Director (IEF); Alexis Shaw, Program Manager (IEF); Laurel Silk, President (IEF); Chairman Ernie Steven’s Jr.