BMM Testlabs Promotes Top Executives Travis Foley, Marzia Turrini, and Kirk White As Company Moves Into Global Structure | bmm testlabs | bmm testlabs

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Proven BMM Executives to Oversee Regulatory Compliance, Digital, and Land-Based Businesses

LAS VEGAS, January 29, 2024 – BMM Testlabs (“BMM”) today announced new global roles and promotions for three of its most seasoned executives as the company restructures from a regional to fully global organization.

BMM Testlabs Chief Executive Officer Martin Storm said, “Due largely to our explosive growth, full market access, and the globalizing gaming market, we are moving from a regionally led structure to a global structure, with leadership over lines of business. This marks an exciting new era for BMM and to achieve it successfully, I’ve named three of my most trusted, respected, and accomplished executives to lead us into what I call our new global era.”

Travis Foley, responsible for BMM’s growth in North America, was promoted to Chief Government and Regulatory Officer to oversee BMM’s global government and regulatory compliance business, with a focus on quality accreditation, technical compliance, adoption of new technical standards and tools, and regulator relationships.

Tasked to lead BMM’s worldwide digital, security, and inspections business is Marzia Turrini, a BMM veteran highly regarded in Europe and Latin America, where she has led BMM to record growth and expansion. As the Company’s new President of Digital Gaming, Turrini will drive revenue growth for the Company’s iGaming, sports betting, and casino inspections businesses.

To oversee BMM’s large portfolio of land-based business, the Company promoted Kirk White to President of Land-Based Gaming. White is a longtime BMM executive who led the Company’s Australia and Asia-Pacific growth, and now assumes oversight of land-based testing, certification, and supporting service delivery globally.

While the three seasoned executives now have global roles, they continue to have the responsibility for the corporate governance of the business entities under their current regional management.

Storm said, “With this team leading our key businesses, I have great confidence that 2024 is going to be another groundbreaking year for BMM. With the market access challenges behind us and full globalization, we will be able to focus on consistency, value, specialization, and speed.”