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A week before G2E Las Vegas, Yogonet talked with BMM’s White and Foley about the international exhibition, company’s ‘Next Generation Initiative’ and first half financial figures for 2015.


What are your expectations for G2E 2015?

TF: BMM has worked hard since last G2E to expand the services offered, grow our client base, and to provide true value to customers through high quality testing, competitive pricing, and a partnership approach. We are excited to, once again, have BMM representatives from around the world participating in G2E.

We look forward to meeting face-to-face with customers that we often speak with, but may not often see, and we look forward to seeing new faces that are in need of a partner to help them navigate the complex process of product testing and certification globally.

BMM continues to play a significant role in the global gaming industry and recently received an Italian license for the AWP market. With this in mind, what’s next for BMM?

KW: BMM continues to play a significant role in many regulated markets around the world and obtaining the license for AWP Certification in Italy was a very positive milestone for BMM as it supports our global expansion and market coverage strategy. BMM has been present in Europe for over 10 years with our very experienced technical staff servicing the needs of the region from our labs located in Barcelona (Spain), Vienna (Austria), Midrand (South Africa) and Bologna (Italy).

BMM is committed to providing its Compliance testing services in all regulated gaming markets. It’s clear from industry feedback that in markets/jurisdictions that have a multiple certification testlab strategy that the quality of testing is higher and the certification test costs are lower. BMM will always support this strategy as it benefits the gaming industry as a whole. It is very rare now to see a gaming jurisdiction anywhere in the world not adopt multiple labs as they have realized that exclusive service agreements in the gambling environment don’t promote the right message to government, the industry and the general public.

Our focus for the rest of the year is to further expand services to fulfill requests from our customers. While we are scaling up our technical test teams around the world, we are also evolving the quality of our testing as gaming products become increasingly complex in their design and play. This supports our goals of maintaining a speedy time to market and passing on cost efficiencies to our customers.


What is BMM’s ‘Next Generation Initiative’ all about?

TF: Philanthropy continues to be the driving force which inspires BMM’s commitment and passion to make a difference in the lives of the Native American communities we work with each day. We believe it’s an important part of our corporate social responsibility. BMM plans on continuing our support of programs that provide tribal youth and young adults with the resources they need to thrive in their evolving landscape. Additionally, we are establishing a relationship with the American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES) and will look to provide support and a pipeline for job opportunities within the gaming industry for members of AISES.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the gaming industry?

KW: The number of moving parts today in the gaming industry is unprecented. The dynamics of the industry are changing rapidly for all stakeholders whether they be players, manufacturers, operators or regulators/government. The manufacturers and operators need to create multiple channels for their products and services.

The increasing desire by players to have an impact on the result rather than the outcome being random drives the need for regulators/governments to build new regulatory models to approve the areas where the new gaming technologies need to go to stay relevant. It’s within these dynamics that BMM sees a new era of innovation coming to the gaming industry. Our role is to ensure we continue to provide the highest quality level of compliance technical support and testing services so that tomorrow’s gaming technology innovation maintains the same high level of integrity and confidence in the outcome, that gaming technology has today.


BMM Testlabs recently announced record first half financial results for 2015. Where does success come from? What do you forecast for the next quarter?

KW: Our success comes from providing our customers unmatched high quality, independent testing and certification services all around the world. If you do this to the best of your ability with highly tuned customer responsiveness and you do it better than your competitors, the financial results will speak for themselves. Its all about being clear about your core competence – at BMM it is testing services. We will continue to deliver BMM’s value and service to the industry, and our success will be measured further financial result records over the next quarter and ongoing into the foreseeable future.


Originally published in Yogonet