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This week, Yogonet interviewed Marzia Turrini, BMM Senior VP Business Development Europe and South America, who talked about the firm’s upcoming presentation at SAGSE Buenos Aires, the opportunities and expectations BMM links to the expo, novelties to be unveiled throughout the four-day event, and how BMM is preparing to tackle challenges at a regional level.


Could you describe in advance BMM’s presence at SAGSE? What will be the premieres, main novelties, innovations and differences compared to previous editions?

BMM is pleased to have participated in SAGSE for the past few years. We continue to support the show because it’s a natural extension of our commitment to the industry and has always been a great environment in which to meet with current and potential customers. We look forward to visiting with major operators and regulators, not only from Argentina but from all over Latin America. We expect another excellent opportunity to showcase our first-class testing services and to introduce our expansion into cybersecurity.


Are there any key expectations for the three-day show, both in respect of your company and for the industry, regarding other exhibitors, the volume of visits, potential new deals, etc? Which are the main topics or upcoming trends of the industry that you think will or should prevail during the event?

BMM’s key expectations regarding SAGSE are to contribute insights and perspective to the industry across a number of subjects, as well as to meet with industry product and thought leaders in Latin America.

We’ve seen a tremendous growth in attendees to SAGSE every year. That is why we see SAGSE as a top show in the region. We know that by attending, BMM always has the potential to create new relationships, contribute and learn more about how we can play a part in the growth of the industry.

Since the industry in the region is growing so rapidly, topics and trends are emerging all the time. It will be interesting to see how they play out during the show as well as over the next 12 months. Latin America is taking important steps to create regulations for their respective countries. This hopefully will equate to a transparent marketplace with established rules.


What does SAGSE mean for you as a company? What are the areas you are looking to strengthen and obtain greater competitiveness?

For BMM, SAGSE is a stage for us to showcase our experience in the southern cone, as well as in the rest of the region. We are always looking forward to strengthening our relationships with operators and regulators, but also showcase our level of regional industry knowledge and overall services. We know that BMM is the test lab of choice in Latin America and we are pleased to be able to provide our expertise and support to all regulators across the region.


The organizers had to move the date earlier this year because of G20 meetings in the area. How will it affect your exhibition, plans and calendar, considering G2E Las Vegas will be taking place one month after SAGSE?

It was quite the surprise to see the dates change, but we understand the circumstances. The change will not affect BMM in anyway and we look forward to the show.


Do you have test centers specifically designed and prepared for Argentina? Which criteria do you adopt in that sense? What are BMM’s hallmarks to make the difference among the other laboratories?

Our laboratory in Peru serves all of Latin America with support as required from our 12 other test labs located around the world. BMM is continually expanding in the region, especially as markets continue to grow and opportunities are generated.


You’ve recently certified Enjoy Casino Mendoza. What else are you doing in the region?

BMM has certified for two important Casinos in Mendoza. We continue to grow and expand in the region both in terms of the services BMM offers and in the educational contributions we make to local regulators.


What upcoming challenges could you identify for Argentina and Latin America’s gaming industry in terms of technological innovations, such as blockchain, AI, IoT, etc.? What is your I + D approach to leverage those trendy areas in iGaming in the short term? Do you think there are promising potential markets in Latin America where innovation could be better employed for the benefit of any stage of the business?

The pace at which technology is evolving is amazing, and this is affecting the gambling industry more than it has ever done in the past and more than we sometimes like to acknowledge. One does not need to be a visionary to see the implications of this rapid technological evolution.

The regulated online gaming market is clearly growing impressively because of the greater processing power and access to big data. Thanks to the increasing ubiquity of the smartphone, now in the hands of at least 2.5 billion people, the player is never further away than a couple of clicks from a casino tailored to his very needs or from being able to place a bet on an event that is just about to happen.

BMM is staffed and prepared to test all new technologies in all regulated markets everywhere in the world.


How’s your event calendar for the remainder of the year?

We’re pleased to say that BMM is not only attending events, but also hosting, supporting and sponsoring many exhibitions and conferences globally. We have had the opportunity to participate at some amazing shows all around the world – ICE, NIGA, FADJA, G2E Asia, AGE and the International Forum on Sports Betting and Online Gaming as a Gold Sponsor to name a few.

For the remainder of the year, we will be at the GOL EXPO Peru in September and G2E in October. Everywhere we go, we view our participation as an opportunity to grow, partner and further contribute to the industry.


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