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“Compliance; from laboratory’s perspective” 

*Please briefly tell us about your professional experience 

My experience in the Gaming Industry began in 1996 when I joined the Information Systems team at NYNY as a Casino Application Analyst. In 2000 I joined Progressive Gaming International as VP of Global Compliance and then moved over to IGT in 2009 as a Sr. Compliance Staff Analyst working with product development . I joined BMM in late 2011.

*What is the job of BMM’s compliance department? Is it an external nature only type of job?

BMM’s Compliance Department is both external to clients and regulatory agencies, as well as internal to the various divisions within the organization. Our compliance team handles both technical compliance and regulatory compliance. The technical compliance team is responsible for the creation of regulatory checklists which serve as tools for the Service Delivery department to ensure they are testing against the proper requirements. The licensing compliance team manages all jurisdictional licensing requirements for BMM,

including key employees, officers and directors licenses as well as satisfying all jurisdictional reporting. As the Compliance Officer for the organization, my role is to ensure that the organization complies with regulatory requirements for all jurisdictions where BMM holds licenses That includes satisfying reporting requirements regarding the various matters outlined in our Compliance Program. Such reporting requirements include performing satisfactory due diligence and keeping abreast of relevant governmental activities and policies. As VP, Compliance, I also manage the Compliance Committee, which is a Committee made up of our Chairman, Steve Ducharme, BMM North America COO, Mike Dreitzer and an outside member, Bob Cowley. This Committee provides the Board of Directors with guidance on matters to ensure BMM complies with applicable gaming laws in all the jurisdictions in which we conduct business.

*How does the compliance department contribute to a corporation’s good image? Does it provide a competitive advantage over other organizations?

A Compliance Department is key to any gaming organization and interacts as a partner at every level of the business. An experienced team of Compliance professionals is invaluable in navigating an organization through the various gaming regulations, policies, technical standards and requirements. Gaming is one of the most regulated industries worldwide and a successful compliance team means the organization can continue to run smoothly. The compliance team at BMM operates as an integral business unit within the organization with an eye toward successful business operations.

*Which internal tools do you use to encourage an ethical work environment?

BMM’s Compliance Policy provides guidance as to what is expected by and/or to be reported to regulatory agencies. Staff are encouraged to be aware of the regulatory requirements affecting the business and we maintain an open-door policy that allows any member of the team to raise concerns as they arise. rev 1.1

*How do modifications to regulations affect the compliance department?

The compliance department is tasked with monitoring and understanding proposed modifications so as to provide regulators with feedback regarding the implications of such. The compliance department will also inform internal stakeholders of any modifications in order for all concerned parties to appropriately adjust to and satisfy those modifications.

*What is the main challenge of a compliance department? Is it the same for BMM?

I feel the main challenge of a Compliance Department lies within technical compliance. With over 400 globally recognized jurisdictions, staying ahead of changes in regulatory structure, technical standards, adopted technology and minimum internal control standards can be a daunting task.

*How is your relationship with the many gaming regulatory entities?

I view my relationship with gaming regulatory entities as a partnership. BMM prides itself on our ability to offer our expertise and support to the many gaming regulatory entities around the world. BMM provides real-time, accurate knowledge and information on the constantly changing gaming industry. Our team provides the tools and materials to regulators to assist them to make well-informed decisions and to ensure they meet the continued goal in protecting the assets of their Jurisdictions.

*In your opinion, do South American companies and regulators consider compliance as an important area for development?

Gaming is well-established and quite mature in many South American countries. The jurisdictions with more sophisticated and consistent regulatory frameworks have proved successful in creating a thriving industry. The younger jurisdictions have consistently adopted the regulatory framework in place in other jurisdictions and players have come to expect fair and consistent regulatory requirements. The companies that have established and adopted strong compliance programs help establish and maintain the integrity of the gaming industry and thus promote the development of the jurisdiction.